Expertos en SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
Expertos en SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

5 Better Practices, Innovative HXM

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Best practices for HXM need more than good wishes. What are the better practices more innovative in order to manage the human experience?

Adam Grant it is a an organizational psychologist and author bestseller, who has studied throughout his academic and professional experience how to find motivation and meaning to live a life that is more generous and creative. In a lively conversation with Jill Popelka, president of SAP SuccessFactorsduring the transmission of the virtual event SuccessConnect the past month of October 2021, Grant shared the following 5 standards innovative to always make our best work.

To evaluate the cultures of learning above the cultures of performance

Companies who value a traditional culture based on the performance are ideal for the implementation of short-term objectives, however, fall short when it comes to innovation. That's why, instead of following best practicesadvises see them as better practicesas always there will be a point of improvement.

“A learning culture is one in which you're not so committed to the tested and proven ways and ‘true’ in the that you've always done things, that you close your mind to the test, learning, and experimenting with new ways of doing things. One way to get there is to completely abandon the idea of the best practices” added Grant.

Build a network of people that will challenge

A culture of learning requires the support of a group of experts, which consists of a “network challenges” of people who have the psychological safety to speak, even if you don't know how to solve a problem. The old “suggestions box” should become a “mailbox problems” where people find out what that must be solved and reconsider directions productive forward.

In this regard, Adam says the following: “your network of challenges is the group of critical reflective on who you trust to hold a mirror so they can see their own blind spots with greater clarity. I've gone with some people that have been detonated in me most unpleasant of my working life and I have said that perhaps I have not always accepted his criticisms, which I have sometimes put on the defensive, and at other times I have been derogatory, but that he was sorry, because I know that I need you I challenge you to think again.”

To work for the inclusion

The rain of ideas in a group does not work if a person, prior to that, he was relegated to the sidelines or marginalised. Therefore, Grant proposes something called “writing ideas”, which keeps the group thinking and cultivates diversity of thought. The leaders, though, are those who frame the problem and have the final decision, should take into account all the voices in the room before announcing their own opinion.

“Tell people ahead of time that allow them to generate their own ideas independently. Once you have compiled all the ideas, start to take advantage of the wisdom of crowds to assess and refine. People are more honest with you, they become more engaged and empowered. You will also learn more and may you have a better opinion at the end of the discussion,” says Adam.

Caring for the physical and emotional well being of the people

To address the depletion of the workforce today should be a priority in the areas of human resources. The psychologist organizational advises: “try to alleviate the burden of the people, especially finding out what their duties are more stressful and trying to make sure they are not overloaded with them. Not always we can eliminate completely the demands of her job, but we can offer more options and discretion on how to manage them. The support is the most important part at this time: we need leadership that is compassionate to take measures to relieve the pain of other people.”

Importance of employees in the hybrid scheme of work

When Jill Popelka made the observation that organizations need to balance the autonomy of the contributors, the cultural cohesion and productivity, Grant outlined the growing importance of the people called “carriers of culture”:

“The carriers of culture are the people that exemplify disproportionately affected by the values and norms of a team or an organization. They have become especially critical in a hybrid world in which we cannot all be in the same room at the same time. Make sure that you are visible in these critical moments in which culture is formed during the recruitment, onboarding, and in all the meetings.”

Bonus tip: fewer hours of work increase productivity

“It would cause people to work less. I know of no evidence that people can be more productive in eight hours absent-minded and unfocused as they could be in six hours a day and highly concentrated,” said Adam Grant. “The experiments show that if people know that they can earn that fifth day off and turn it into a four-day week, find many ways to be more efficient and effective, as well as work in a more smart and creative,” he added.

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