Expertos en SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
Expertos en SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

2022, The Year of Digitization in Banking

Nuvolino Team nBC

2022 will bring many changes in appearance seem positive for the banking sector. From services to customers criptoactivos, to the implementation of new technology with AI.

After the great economic crisis that has left the pandemic by COVID-19 in a large part of the planet, you begin to see a light at the end of the road. Thanks to the controls of stimulus, to the major celebrities who have chosen to enter the “world” financial, with the already known NFTs and financial technology, it seems that the 2022 will be a key year for the banking sector.

Everything indicates that this year the banking it will be very distant, as they are traditionally known. In the first instance, this may happen because as mentioned above, the economic havoc that has been leaving the pandemic, have been very large. Therefore, the “millennials” have started to be more cautious with their finances, because of the large debt created at the beginning of the outbreak by COVID-19. Before this, the scanning-general of the financial offerings has begun to start with a transition from the traditional credit cards. In addition to that, according to Statista, the 64.6% of americans used online banking for 2021, which could confirm the need of digitization in banking.

On the other hand, after 12 years of having appeared for the first time the Bitcoin and despite the still existing lack of legal clarity, it is expected that the major banks will start in 2022 at the latest to offer his services to the criptoactivos. Hence, these same banks would begin to accept Bitcoins as a guarantee at the time of the client asks for a bank loan.

As noted above, the pandemic brought many disasters to financial, however, thanks to all this, you managed to give the target value to the financial technologies, so it is expected that for this to 2022, some of the fintech that we can find are:

Digital banking: It is well known that, after the pandemic, if a bank wants to continue to “live”, it needs to improve its services and provide you with a new experience to the customer. This, coupled with the estimation of Statista on the digital banking previously said, “forces” to the banks, leave behind the traditional models and to enter fully into the technological.

Data aggregation: Will be ever more present, and will take a more important role at the moment of the exchange of data between financial institutions and customers.

Payments enabled by voice: Through improvements in natural language processing, the generation of natural language and your understanding will enable the clients to perform the routine operations as if they were on a bench, in front of a human teller.

Technology blockchain: With a management that is fully distributed, it is expected that blockchain is the financial innovation more important for this 2022. Due to that, thanks to its management, it has become a ledger, a digital safe.

Without a doubt, this year we expect many significant innovations in banking, where mainly we are beginning to find drastic changes in the that will leave behind the traditional methods, which we had already used, to give way to a “evolution” digital.

Source: SAP Blog of Innovation